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Our Keys To Unlocking Autism

The keys to Unlocking Autism are found in our unity, faith, power, health, action….
& kindness.



We envision a community bonded in solidarity with a positive mindset despite our diverse interests and significant and often seemingly insurmountable challenges; and will lead with wisdom, respect, patience, understanding, acceptance and collaboration.


  •  We believe that with God all things are possible.
  •  We are convicted that those living with autism have the right to insist that those in positions of authority implement policy changes to improve our quality of life and right injustices our community has experienced for far too long. We will diligently encourage, teach and empower individuals how to affect strategic change.
  •  We have faith in our local communities to unite, develop and implement comprehensive strategic goals addressing the needs of those living with autism throughout their lifespan by utilize existing community resources, determining gaps, advancing solutions and thereby create foundations for a national plan.
  •  We believe our families and communities are stronger when they are rooted in faith and provide grants to plant special needs ministries. Ten percent of every donation Unlocking Autism receives, large or small, funds this effort.


  •  We believe autism health treatment plans should start with a full biomedical assessment to determine underlying co-morbid physical conditions that directly impact immune, gastrointestinal and brain/central nervous system function resulting in impacts to behavioral and mental health.
  • We believe individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families are suffering with significant body burdens of inflammation from a variety of sources which impair physical, mental and behavioral health.
  • We believe traditional health and wellness needs of individuals with autism across the lifespan are disregarded and dismissed. Additionally, the broader medical community is ill-equipped to address the growing number of adults on the spectrum requiring healthcare for common issues such as heart disease, OBGYN services, cancer treatment and emergency room services.
  • We are certain that the healthiest local communities provide excellent services to individuals who are socioeconomically marginalized in predominately under served populations.
  • We believe that the gene-environment interaction is a contributor to many underlying symptoms of autism and promote research, understanding and treatment in this area.
  • We believe with coordinated, integrated medical treatment, individuals with ASD can lead healthy lives in all areas.


  • We believe in addressing the issues in our community from the top down and bottom up to bring policy change more expeditiously.
  • We believe every person in the community has the ability to use their own experiences and their voice to implement change at local, state and national levels – even providing global impact. We will continue to encourage individuals, family members and the community at large to engage in strategic initiatives that implement significant policy change.
  • We believe that individuals living with autism deserve meaningful employment with true living wages in their areas of interest and will strive to improve opportunities for employment and the creation of non-traditional jobs that better fit our community.
  • We believe every member of this community has been given a special gift and will do our best to help each and every member of our community shine brightest in his and her areas of purpose.


Zero reason to be mean, ugly, jealous, angry, hateful, selfish, boastful, proud, abusive, ungrateful, mock, slander or gossip when you have an opportunity to stand out by being kind.

Love God. Love others. Do something about it. Together.

For over two decades, our actions always have aligned with our beliefs. And they always will.