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About Us

We Are Unlocking Autism ®

Because from the very beginning, we knew people, and their stories, are the most valued resource of our community.

Unlocking Autism was formed in February 1999 to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorders and bring our community’s issues from individual homes to the forefront of national dialogue. Our goal was to find common ground then integrate our family’s stories and individual’s experiences to drive policy development and implementation.

Since our establishment, a dedication to unity has prevailed as Unlocking Autism’s founding principle. To this day, Unlocking Autism strives to work collaboratively with all organizations within the autism community, as well as the broader disability community, to improve the lives of individuals on the spectrum and their families.

We have always welcomed individuals living with or touched by autism regardless of their opinions on causes, therapies, treatments and solutions because we love watching our unique community grow in solidarity. We listen to people because true resolution is found when all the pieces interlock. Listening to a wide variety of personal experiences brings understanding and with increased understanding, people feel safe to share their ideas – and even more, act on them.

We believe in The Power of One ®.

In physics, power is the amount of time it takes to do work. One individual has the power to spark change, but one community working in cooperation more quickly impacts the world. We have witnessed individuals who have led policy initiatives that brought immediate change to the circumstances of families in their hometown, state or the country.

Unlocking Autism endeavors to embolden our families to do just that, then raise up others to do the same. Subdivisions of community and arguments regarding who is right and who is wrong wastes precious time and resources. Change comes when we stand together putting our differences aside, finding power and progress on common ground.

Through our G-Force grassroots network, Unlocking Autism selects unsuspecting heroes who have the heart to serve, shine, love others and grow their engagement so that everyone may contribute their specific talents in the service of their community members. We fight for our initiatives differently than other autism organizations.

We know the national and international solutions needed for the multitude of issues facing our community develop at very local levels. We are committed to cultivating local leaders that will advance local solutions and assemble the “peaces” of the puzzle resulting in unity at a higher level.

Unlocking Autism has served hundreds of thousands of families and individuals living with autism across the spectrum, the lifespan and socioeconomic lines. We are not bound by geographic borders.

We are here to serve you and your family. Let us know how we can help. Then let us know how you can assist us and get involved because we all have a lot of work to do.