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Donate to Unlocking Autism

We are thrilled that you have considered supporting Unlocking Autism.

Since 1999, we have served the autism community across the United States in a variety of ways. We have streamlined our expenditures to a minimal level.

Our organization is completely voluntary and your gracious donation will go directly toward our programs, as well as family and individual support initiatives.

Your donation is tax deductible and our tax ID number is: 72-1437282. If you donate over $250.00 in a year you will receive a tax letter so you can claim the deduction on your taxes.

Thank you so much!

How to donate

Our donation system  is secure and encrypted.  This can be verified by clicking the lock in the URL box in your web browser.  This means that the information you enter into our website is safely encrypted between your computer and our servers.  You may donate and shop for other items, if available, in confidence knowing that we have your privacy and security as our top priority.  Any information submitted through our donation system is private between you and your organization.  It is never shared or sold to a third party.

Currently donations are made just like adding something to your shopping cart on any other website.  The donation application is setup in $1 increments so just enter the dollar value you wish to donate in the box.  For example if you wish to donate $20, you would enter 20 in the quantity box and just add to your cart.  This will create a single donation value of $20 and then you may proceed to checkout and pay securely with your credit card.

We do not save any of your credit card information locally.  The information you enter is securely transmitted to our credit card processor using industry best practices regarding technology.