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Baucus Adds To Calls Four Billion Health Overhaul in ’09 Posted Apr 05, 2012 By admin

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is adding his voice to the list of leading Democratic lawmakers pushing for the new

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Flu and You Know your Options Posted Apr 05, 2012 By admin

by Barbara Loe Fisher Child receives a flu shot. Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic/APThese days you can’t turn around without being reminded that the “flu” season

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Autism Now: Meet Nick, Robert MacNeil’s Grandson Posted Apr 05, 2012 By admin


Gene Studies of Autism Point to Mutations and Parents’ Age Posted Apr 05, 2012 By admin

Teams of scientists working independently to understand the biology of autism have for the first time homed in on several gene mutations that they agree sharply increase

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